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What is GradesFixer?

GradesFixer is a website created to help students with writing essays. It has a vast database of essays you can use as samples. Another option is to order a custom essay on your subject. Rewriting and editing services are also available. Is GradesFixer legit, though? Answering that question is what this review is for.

At first, I had a positive impression of the site. It looked decent enough, besides, it became clear right away that the site only specializes in essays. So, in my mind, that was a plus. There are a lot of writing companies promising they can produce just about any type of academic paper yet failing to deal with the simplest orders. So, that gave me hope that writers here only work on what they can do best.

What I Liked:

  • A free essay samples database
  • Fast response from customer support
  • User-friendly interface

What I Disliked:

  • Writers’ accounts and feedback seem to be fake
  • Deceitful about prices and discounts
  • Poor essay quality

How Much Does a Paper Cost at GradesFixer?

There are no fixed GradesFixer prices since the site utilizes a bidding system. So, it will all depend on how lucky you are to find a writer with a decent rate or negotiate the price for your essay. When I placed an order for a 2-page essay with a 10-days deadline, I immediately got 3 bids. They ranged from about $17 to $26 per page, which I found a bit too high for a simple essay.


I contacted customer support via live chat to ask whether I could find any GradesFixer discount code for my first order. The agent replied that they had no such offers. Instead, she went to look for cheaper options and soon sent me a link. When I opened it, the price was $28 for the same 2-page essay. I wonder why this offer wasn’t shown to me during my initial search. Is GradesFixer scam that is only interested in getting as much money from students as it can?

Anyhow, I decided to cancel that order and try again in a while. As soon as I did that, I received an email confirming that my order was canceled and offering a 10% discount! Well, that’s interesting. It was only about $12 per page now, so I took that offer.

Is GradesFixer Safe?

Although, of course, I would make an order anyway, for the sake of this GradesFixer review, I would be hesitant to do that after reading the site’s terms of use. They are quite detailed and elaborate, and you quickly learn that some things written on GradesFixer’s main page are just a load of crap.

For example, that “Pay only if satisfied” line. It sounded too good to be true, of course, and none of it is. First of all, you have to make a payment when you are placing an order. Sure, the money is released to a writer only after you approve the paper you receive (or after a certain time passes). However, getting a full refund is near to impossible.

The terms of use say that it is not enough to simply say that you are not satisfied with the finished product, which is understandable, although contradicts their previous promise. However, you are given only 3 days to approve your paper, after which you can no longer get a refund. This is simply too short a period, especially since they require written proof like a scanned copy of your instructor’s feedback.

And what if the paper is so bad I don’t want to turn it in? This is ridiculous. Is GradesFixer safe? You are right to doubt that at this point.

What Customers Say About GradesFixer

There are hundreds of GradesFixer reviews on writers’ pages, and pretty much all of them are positive, although most consist of only a couple of words at best. However, the complete absence of TrustPilot, SiteJabber, or pretty much any reviews on Google is very suspicious, to say the least. There are some GradesFixer Reddit threads, but those are created by the company itself and have zero comments.

How GradesFixer Works

Placing an order is very easy, and I’ve seen that exact order form on other sites before. Here, you can also select the category of writers you want to get bids from - all writers, premium, or platinum. The latter two cost +10% and +20%, which is confusing since there is no fixed order price.

You can also let the company pick the writer for you for additional $9.99, which is nonsense. If I wanted that, I would just visit a writing service that does not have a bidding system.

Other additional services are:

  • Progressive delivery for $8.99
  • 1-page abstract for $13.90
  • VIP-support for $12.99
  • Essay outline for $12

How to Get in Touch With GradesFixer? 

There are two ways to contact the site representatives. The first one is to leave a message using a contact form, after which you will get a reply to your email.

The second option is a live chat, and I got a reply almost instantly. Overall, I would say the agent was helpful and friendly, but the whole thing about looking for lower prices and having no discounts all feels like a scheme.

Is GradesFixer Worth Trying? 

And now, finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: my essay. I get it, I opted for the cheapest possible one. Still, that doesn’t explain the mess I received, because I still paid money for it, and not even the lowest price you can find on the Internet. The essay was incoherent, there were serious grammar mistakes, and the topic wasn’t properly explored.

Is GradesFixer a reliable writing service? Absolutely not. Everything I discovered about it led to one huge disappointment, despite my initial reaction. You’ll have better luck on some other website that doesn’t rely on creating a false image and trying to get any money they can from customers.


Is gradesfixer legit

Yes, it seems to be legit, but getting a full refund is almost impossible.

Is gradesfixer safe?

It is safe to order some simple assignments, the more complex ones may be too difficult for their writers, though.

What is gradesfixer?

GradesFixer is a writing company with a bidding system. You never know how much your paper will cost this time. It is always a lottery.

Is gradesfixer scam?

Some guarantees that GradesFixer provides contradict to what they really do. Check carefully their refund policy first before placing an order.

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I have never written any reviews before, but reading this one, I just can’t go by. I am also a victim of It seems like they just make business, they don’t work, at least as they are supposed to because I PAID THEM MONEY. What I got in return was plagiarism and numerous mistakes that even I - a student - was ashamed of! I asked for a revision. And they were searching for a writer to revise it for 3 days!!! I work, I couldn’t do it myself that’s why I ordered a paper. And they find me a writer for a revision when my deadline is over! I missed the deadline! Gradesfixer, you suck!