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What Is HomeworkMarket?

You would have to figure out on your own what HomeworkMarket is since no one bothered to explain it on the site. Although styled as a platform where tutors help students to answer study questions, it is a bidding-based writing service in essence. Or, rather, it’s a mix of both in which none of those two ingredients work properly, and homeworkmarket.com doesn’t work well at all.

This website has one of the worst interfaces I have seen, and its functionality is beyond good and evil. Take that giant table showing who’s online and who did what. It’s obvious they wanted to show that there’s always some activity going on and Homework Market may have a tutor for your problem right now. Well, it’s a terrible idea, and no one cares about that table.

What I liked:

  • The concept behind the service;
  • Possibility to set and negotiate the price;
  • A blog with free study tips.

What I disliked:

  • Awful interface and navigation;
  • The absence of guarantees and refund policy;
  • Negative customer feedback;
  • Fake unverified tutors;
  • No live chat or customer support whatsoever;
  • The answers are published for sale.

How Much Does a Paper Cost?

HomeworkMarket has no set prices, so it’s up to you and a tutor to figure out what you will have to pay for your order. You create an order, set the desired price and the deadline, and wait for bids. Tutors will either agree with your price or set their own. After that it’s up to you whether to go with their offer or try to renegotiate it.

The price can also be broken down into a portion you will have to pay at once, and the remaining sum that the tutor gets after he or she completes the task. Sounds like a good idea, but less so when you consider all the customer feedback that makes you doubt that Homework Market is a legit service. You can easily find reviews stating that the writer was gone right after getting paid even a part of the money.

HomeworkMarket Discounts

Since the website takes no part in setting prices or regulating relationships between students and tutors, you can expect no discounts or promo codes. Whatever you agree on with a writer is going to be the final price for your order.

Is HomeworkMarket Safe?

Some genius decided to put the terms of use not where they usually are on most normal sites. No, I came upon them by clicking the Help tab, and then FAQ.

And that’s where I see a couple of problems right away, which also explain HomeworkMarket low ratings. First of all, those are not even proper terms of use. It’s a short text that contains some information about fees, copyright, as well as some pieces of advice about abiding the law and keeping your contact details private.

What you will not find here and anywhere else on the site are the real FAQ and the refund policy. So, it appears there isn’t one, and the site administration takes no responsibility for the quality or delivery of your paper.

What Customers Say About This Writing Service

At first, I thought I would find no real Homework Market reviews since TrustPilot only had one which was negative and suggested a different site, so I could not rely on it. However, I was more lucky with SiteJabber, where HomeworkMarket has a 2.3 star rating due to the prevailing part of the reviews being strictly negative.

I also discovered that Homework Market has two Reddit boards with less than 150 members combined. There are no reviews or comments there though, only some posts by tutors offering help.

All the reviews I read describe the same problems: getting awful papers or no papers at all. This is all easily explained by the fact that there is no verification process for tutors, anyone can become one. Considering fake photos used by tutors, there could be school students offering you help. Or people who don’t speak English very well and for whom even low prices are a good offer.

How It Works

Let’s see how ordering Homework Market papers works. There are two buttons on the main page, Post a Question and Essay Writing Help. Both lead to the same simple form though.

After you fill it, it’s the bidding process I already described. Since bids with promises of great quality started appearing seconds after I posted my order, I can easily assume they are automated.

Here’s an interesting thing, all the answers are available for purchase on HomeworkMarket when the writing is done. This sucks because it is possible to discover that you got your paper written by one of its tutors. The good thing is you can only view it after you purchase it.

You can also run a paid Turnitin check first (to see if you can use the paper as your own, I guess). I know, it’s all very dumb and I cannot see anyone paying for the check of the paper they cannot see only to find out they cannot use it. Sounds like complete scam.

How to Get In Touch with Customer Support 

Homework Market has no live chat. You can submit a ticket and wait for a reply for an indefinite amount of time. As if this service could get any worse.

Is HomeworkMarket Worth Trying?

I wish my Homework Market review had something positive to say about the site, but its creators made it nearly impossible to do so. Confusing structure along with the absence of guarantees, refund policy, or any responsibility are the most crucial problems, but the list goes on. There is no proof of the writers’ qualification, HomeworkMarket does not check them and it does not provide customer support. All this makes it clear why so many people are dissatisfied with what could be a great platform were its creators interested in making it such. Instead, we get this Frankenstein’s monster whose existence is a crime against humanity.


Is homework market legit?

It is one of the worst writing companies ever. It guarantees nothing to its clients. You can't even get in touch with them.

How does homework market work?

The most complicated method of placing an order. It consists of a few stages and requires a lot of time before they all will be completed. HomeworkMarket cannot handle the urgent papers.

Is homeworkmarket.com scam?

Don't trust their writers. None of them is a native English speaker.

Is homeworkmarket a good service?

Definitely, not. Don't risk your money! Avoid this service at all cost!

Is homeworkmarket.com cheating?

They treat their customers very badly. Do not expect the well-written paper. They took your money and give a very poorly-written paper in return.

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