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What Is PhDEssay?

PhDEssay positions itself as a free essay examples database and a paid writing service in one. The truth is the first section of the site is used to redirect you to the second one and convince you to order a custom essay for a hefty price from so-called professional writers. I hated right away that the site tries to do this in any way possible.

Most of the things you click on will send you right to the order form. These are some cheap tactics no respectable company would use. Nevertheless, fighting my disgust with constant pop-ups and omnipresent ‘Place an order’ banners, I pushed on to provide you with a decent and concise review and find out whether this site can be counted on.

What I liked:

  • you can find some decent free essay examples;
  • some flashcards can be used for preparing for a test;
  • an easy-to-fill order form.

What I disliked:

  • constant pop-ups and banners;
  • essay examples cannot be copied or downloaded;
  • unreasonably high prices;
  • fake writers;
  • useless and obtrusive customer support;
  • low papers quality.

How Much Does a Paper Cost?

The site uses a bidding system, which can be great if it’s well-regulated. This is not the case with PhDEssay, though, which offers prices that are way higher than average. Some writers will bid $25 per page, others $35, and it’s not clear why. I would understand if I had an urgent order, but no, I set a 16-day deadline for my essay.

Maybe such a difference is based on a writer’s qualification? That would be a sound explanation… If the writers didn’t have fake profile photos and definitely made-up names.

There’s another explanation though. The site is owned by Oceonica Corp, a company which evidently runs several almost identical education help websites with a shared pool of freelance writers and customer support agents. The price on those platforms is set by the website, while the writers get only a small portion of what you pay. They cannot change the price on their side, which is why there is no real bidding and negotiations.

PhDEssay Discounts

The company uses its bidding as an excuse not to provide any PhDEssay coupon code. Nevertheless, I did notice a way to get a discount. After I canceled my order to create a new one later and, hopefully, get more reasonable price offers, I immediately received an email offering me a 10% discount. This is also another proof that the prices are set by the system.

Is PhDEssay Safe?

What I’ve seen so far is already enough for me to answer the crucial question, “Is PhD Essay legit?” Yet, I have to check the website’s terms and conditions. And here’s the trick, they are different for the two sections of the website. This is another warning, and for some reason, the essay examples database has orders, refunds, and freelancers in its terms of use although it technically doesn’t provide writing services, it just redirects you to a different page. Which one should I trust? I guess it’s safer to trust none of them, especially since there aren’t enough positive PhDEssay reviews to convince me otherwise.

What Customers Say About This Writing Service

In fact, there are hardly any reviews, and I don’t take into account those three comments I saw on There’s not a single review or TrustPilot or SiteJabber, and the few I found on Google were negative, complaining about the low quality of writing and high prices. I even checked for PhDEssay Reddit threads and comments, but there was not a single mention of the website. It seems people just don’t appreciate the services the company provides.

How It Works

As for creating an order, it’s a really simple process, and you first provide the most important details about your paper. After you approve the writer for it, you get to choose some extra features, which are the same for all websites run by Oceonica Corp.

Now, I’d like to focus my PhDEssay review on the essay examples. First of all, there’s no way there’s a million of them. Based on the number of pages, there are about 33 thousand essays and 15 thousand flashcards.

So, yeah, that’s a blatant lie, although even these numbers are pretty high. Where do all those materials come from? How reliable are they? Just take a look at this “essay example.”

These are just a couple of random chapters from a book. Not an analysis or anything, this was just straight copied from the book. There are a lot of examples like that on the site, so it becomes clear how they managed to gather such a “rich” database. The flashcards are a mess as well, it seems they are autogenerated from study books by some bot.

How to Get In Touch with Customer Support 

There’s no customer support until you get redirected, and it seems they’re oblivious of that essays database. When I complained to an agent about entering my email and not receiving the essay example I was promised, she said they don’t provide free samples and tried to convince me to order a custom one. After I explained the situation and provided screenshots, she said she would forward the issue to another department, left the chat, and that’s the last time I heard about it.

Is PhDEssay Worth Trying?

I did not expect a paper I was promised, and there was no miracle for me. Even with the PhDEssay discount code, that writing was not worth the money I paid. It’s obvious the writers are unqualified and don’t earn a lot, while the company charges you prices as if it had real professors working on its orders. PhDEssay is a scam, even though it does deliver the papers. All about it is fake, and the lack of reviews is the only good thing about it. Hopefully, there aren’t that many people these scoundrels have managed to trick.


Is phdessay legit?

The promises on the main page and the guarantees you can find in term of use do not always match.

Is phdessay scam

Do not trust their positive reviews. The paper you'll receive is far from being as good as it is said in numerous comments.

Is phdessay relaible?

Go and check their samples, even they contain a lot of mistakes and no analysis at all.

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