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What Is Samplius?

Samplius is a writing service that plays a double game. At first glance, the site looks like a database of essay samples. All headings say that you can use these essay examples for free to get inspiration and write your own paper. Indeed, the paper samples are free and you don’t need to pay for full access. The number of examples is also quite huge as well as the diversity of categories. But take into account that you can only READ essays. If you try to copy a piece, you’ll need to share your email address. So, nothing is really free.

Even though the company doesn’t shout out about its writing services on the homepage, you can find a promotion banner with “Write my paper on the same topic” in each and every essay sample. And this is what interests us the most because there is no information about the quality of these essays, info about their writers, and lots of other details such as revision and refund policies that you can easily find on such writing services right on the homepage. Let’s dig in and find out whether you can trust Samplius and why they provide so little information about their writing services on their website.

What I liked:

  • Nice design;
  • Free samples;
  • Customer support is always online.

What I disliked:

  • One more clon of Edubirdie;
  • No samplius discount code;
  • No at least one samplius review;
  • High prices;
  • Fake writers.

How Much Does a Paper Cost at Samplius?

After I clicked the order button, it became clear that the order form was pretty familiar to me. If you have heard about EduBirdie and its sites you know what I am talking about. Besides, the prices are pretty much the same - around $25-30 per 1 page.

The quick test with a writer's photo on Samplius only proved my suggestions. I googled the photo of Dr.Kalinge.PHD.

And my search showed me that the same writer is available at EduBirdie. I can hardly believe in such coincidences. So, talking about samplius reviews you should keep in mind that you also take into account the reviews of Edubirdie company.

Is Samplius Safe?

It’s quite a rhetorical question “Is samplius legit?” The clients may see it as an attempt of a scam when they find out that Samplius and Edubirdie are the same company. Especially those who were disappointed with Edubirdie services and searched for another writing company. So, I believe that the Samplius scam consists only in hiding their true origin. If we are talking about the service in general, I can’t say that you shouldn’t place an order here because the company will steal your money and give you nothing in return. Knowing pretty well Edubirdie and taking into account those Samplius reviews that I found on the web, I can assure you that your paper will be done. Another question - does it cost the money you're gonna pay?

What Do Customers Say About Samplius?

Not much...I could find a review of Samplius on Reddit. Sitejabber and Trustpilot also couldn’t provide at least one Samplius review. The reason? I am sure it’s because Samplius is a relatively new brand, it was launched at the end of 2020 and not many customers have used it. Of course, you can find some feedback on the site, but we all know that such a Samplius review can’t be taken seriously.

How Does Samplius Work?

Samplius works exactly the same as Edubirdie. First, you need to fill in the short order form with a few fields. Then, you will be offered a list of fake writers who are interested in your order. A little hint, these writers are not real and if you asked a couple of questions about your order instructions, you’ll see that they didn’t even read them.

After you make a choice, the writer will start working on your paper and hopefully deliver it on time.

How to Get In Touch with Customer Support?

You can contact customer support via the live chat, the button is available on the site. They answer quickly and these are real people who can help you with the ordering process or answer any questions that you have.

Is Samplius Worth Trying?

No is my answer. I see no reason to try Samplius if it is the same as Edubirdie. What’s the difference? You’ll get the same writers at the same price, but who are covered by a different brand name. So, my answer is you better go directly to Edubirdie if you want. In case you know who Edubirie is and don’t want to have any business with this company, then you shouldn’t try Samplius.

Is safe? As I mentioned above, you won’t lose money, but they charged too much for such service. I would recommend considering a service that costs less, there are plenty of them. Besides, the quality of papers will be pretty much the same or even better.

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