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What Is StudyClerk?

StudyClerk is an academic writing service with a bidding system. It offers professional help to students with almost any written assignment they may have. The site looks good without a lot of custom graphics, but as long as everything is readable, easily located, and doesn’t give me a headache, I’m alright with that.

However, even though tons of writing services look almost identical, there were certain elements at StudyClerk I was sure I’ve seen before. Specifically, some familiar faces among the writers. So I did a quick check, and yes, this website has a lot of the same things I described in my Gradesfixer review. Like the same order form, the same writers, and identical terms of use. Before I get to the specifics of what it all means, here is a short summary of the things I discovered while preparing my review:

What I liked:

  • User-friendly interface;
  • Fast customer service response;
  • Detailed terms of use.

What I disliked:

  • Extremely high prices with no discounts;
  • Poor paper quality;
  • Fake writers’ and profiles;
  • Rude customer service;
  • Only 3 days for requesting a refund.

How Much Does a Paper Cost?

According to the main page, you can order an essay at $18 per page, which is a bit pricy, yet most reviews point out that it’s a reasonable price for the level of quality StudyClerk offers. Well, I can’t agree with them when looking at the paper I received. More on that later.

The site utilizes the bidding system, so the price depends on the available writers and their bids, or so we’re supposed to believe. When I created my order, a 2-page essay with a 10-days deadline, I noticed there were the same writers I saw on Gradesfixer, yet the prices for the same order were way higher. How could that be possible, even if both sites use the same pool of freelance writers? I decided to get to the bottom of things in my StudyClerk review.

StudyClerk Discounts

Since this is a bidding platform, there is no mention of any discounts. However, when I cancelled my order and created it again, it showed writers’ offers with reduced prices. They were still too high, but that’s probably the only way to knock a few bucks off your order cost.

Is StudyClerk Safe?

When I decided to negotiate the price with a writer, I got a very interesting reply, which gave me an understanding of how StudyClerk works. So, I wanted to get the price down to at least $17-18 per page, and the writer said the lowest bid she could place and work for was $4 per page. Obviously, she was bidding way lower than the price I was shown by the site. That also explains why two different sites were showing me such different prices for the same writers’ services.

So, is legal? Well, technically, it is since its terms of use are in place, and I did receive the paper. However, you only get 3 days after you receive the paper for a revision or refund, and Study Clerk requires written proof like a scanned copy of your professor’s notes on the paper, after which the case will be reviewed by the company’s QA specialist. The chances you can do that in time and get your money back in full are incredibly low.

What Customers Say About This Writing Service

It’s suspicious how there are no reviews on TrustPilot or SiteJabber, yet hundreds of customer comments on the writers’ profile pages. It sure makes sense when you realize that customer feedback is accumulated from various websites where you can hire these freelancers.

I do seriously doubt, though, that all those comments are real. Those writers’ and customer support agents’ accounts are definitely fake, showing photos from some photo stocks, and I think there could hardly be so many customers satisfied with their papers at such high rates.

How It Works

The order form is very simple, it lets you fill the most crucial paper details in a matter of seconds and provide more detailed instructions later.

All the steps required before you proceed to the bidding step are:

  • choose the type of service (writing, rewriting, or editing);
  • set the deadline;
  • choose the number of pages;
  • select your subject;
  • provide the topic;
  • upload any files or provide additional instructions.

Once you choose and assign the writer, you make a payment, and your money is stored on the site until the order completion and your approval. After that, they are finally transferred to the writer.

How to Get In Touch with Customer Support 

Customer support can be reached via email or live chat. The response time in the live chat is very short, and I guess it’s possible since they are using the same team for all their writing sites, however many they may have.

To my question whether the site is related to Gradesfixer, the agent replied that it isn’t, and tried to change the topic. Once I pointed out that both sites have a similar structure, she just disconnected, making the live chat unavailable to me. Cool. Nice talk. Great service. Love it.

Is StudyClerk Worth Trying?

I did end up ordering a 1-page essay to make this Study Clerk review complete, although I had an idea what the result would be. What kind of quality do you expect from a writer who’s willing to work for $4 per page? Sure enough, not the one StudyClerk promises, naming their writers doctors, professors, experts, etc. It’s safe to suggest that my writer wasn’t a native English speaker, and it showed. The essay was very poorly written, especially for the money the company charged me.

Is StudyClerk legit? Absolutely not. Considering that everything you see there is fake, I consider it scam. You may receive your paper, but it’s definitely not worth the price. The site will try to charge as much as it can, and you can forget about getting an honest refund.


Is studyclerk legit?

No, the company tries to charge you as much as possible. Do not expect to get an honest refund!

Is studyclerk scam?

Yes, read their refund policy and you'll see that clients almost have no chances to get their money back.

Is studyclerk relaible?

Do not place an order on this site if you value your time and don't want to lose your money. You'll get nothing but a poorly written paper for a higher price than it should be.

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