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What Is StudyHippo?

StudyHippo is a website containing some study materials for students like essay samples, flash cards, test Q&A, and a blog with study tips. At first, I thought that there would also be offers of writing me a custom essay, but no, those things I mentioned above are all that StudyHippo has for its customers. Oh, and none of them are free, except for the dozen blog entries.

The site looks alright, there’s nothing that I would consider an immediate warning, although there was evidently not much effort put into making it look original. But is safe? That’s one of the most important questions I wanted to answer. Another one is why would anyone ever use this site, but we’ll get back to that. For now, let’s get a quick overview.

What I liked:

  • the site has decent looks;
  • a large database of essays;
  • convenient search.

What I disliked:

  • the samples are not free;
  • no writing services;
  • only two subscription plans;
  • no live chat and basically no way to contact anyone;
  • no customer feedback;
  • a useless plagiarism checker.

How Much Does a Paper Cost?

I double-checked and triple-checked everything, and you can’t order a custom-written paper here. There are essays you could use as samples, though, probably thousands of them. Unfortunately, you can’t get a proper sample, so to say, of any of them until you register and pay for a subscription. You can get 1-month access for $19.99 or opt for a 6-moths plan for $59.40. That way, you only pay $9.90 per month.

Both subscriptions offer the same level of access, their duration is the only difference.

StudyHippo Discounts

I’m not calling StudyHippo scam, but it’s a robbery. There are no discounts to be seen, and those two subscription plans are the only offers you get. What if I only want to get one essay or one set of flashcards? Well, too bad. Either buy a monthly subscription or forget about it.

Is StudyHippo Safe?

There’s a refund policy you can find at the bottom of the page, but frankly, it’s a misleading name. It does say that you can get a full refund but then goes into describing the details of canceling your subscription. Is StudyHippo legit? I’m not entirely sure, as it doesn’t do a good job of convincing me.

First of all, let’s look at who owns and runs the website. It says Boosta INC OU, a company presumably located in Estonia. However, that’s not the address you see on the Contact Us page.

And when I tried to look for this company, I only found a Ukrainian-based company called Boosta which operates several writing companies and owns some academic help products. On its official website, you can see that they do have an office in Tallinn, Estonia.

Nevertheless, no mention of StudyHippo among its projects. I don’t know whether they don’t consider it worth being mentioned or someone just put the company name on StudyHippo’s website to make it look legit. It all looks shady and doesn’t make me eager to buy their precious subscription.

What Customers Say About This Writing Service

Maybe I’m wrong, and this is a decent and trustworthy website. So, I decided to read some Study Hippo reviews. If only there were some. Checking TrustPilot and SiteJabber didn’t help, and Google came up with only a couple of pages that had something to say about this website. What’s worse, there isn’t even any feedback on, and it does not have any social media pages.

There was one StudyHippo Reddit mention, obviously created as an attempt to promote the service. And a lame one with a pretty girl on a thumbnail picture. I guess no one thought those essays and flashcards were worth paying for a subscription, that’s why there are no complaints and no praise. Perfect balance.

How It Works

There’s not much to say about the site’s main attractions – essays. You can see a couple of paragraphs, and the rest is available after you pay. The same with flashcards and Q&A (which I at first hoped was a FAQ section, but nope, there isn’t one).

One more thing I want to mention in my StudyHippo review is the duplicate content checker, especially since it’s the one thing that is free. Well, not entirely, since you only get a full report, you guessed it, with a subscription. But that should not let you down since that plagiarism checker is a joke, and you can find perfectly working and free ones online. It highlights separate words and even prepositions, which should tell you all you need to know about its accuracy.

How to Get In Touch with Customer Support 

I would ask for a StudyHippo discount code, as well as clarify a lot of things if only there was someone to ask. Okay, I can’t get an instant reply using a live chat, you don’t have one. Probably can’t afford it since no one finds the website useful.

There is a contact form you can use to send your question. I wrote my name, email, my questions, and hit ‘Send’. It told me there was an error. Fantastic.

Is StudyHippo Worth Trying?

I cannot imagine why anyone would use this site. Nothing is free here, and you can’t even get a proper sample of what you are expected to pay for. The situation is worsened by the lack of customer feedback and communication with StudyHippo representatives.

There are databases of free essays out there, and since you will not be able to just take those samples and turn them in as your own, it’s much better to spend that money on ordering a custom-written paper from a reliable company instead of a StudyHippo subscription.


Is studyhippo legit?

Yes, it is safe to use this company, but pay attention to its guarantees first and the refund policy in particular. Read what company promises its customers carefully.

Is studyhippo scam?

StudyHippo is not honest with its customers. Its plagiarism checker is nothing more than a joke.

Is studyhippo relaible?

Nothing is free on this site and even paying a decent sum of money you won't get a high-quality service.

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