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What Is Transtutors?

Good question. The homework helper Transtutors website is rather messy, it’s a dump of links, buttons, and chunks of text, and it takes time to understand how things work here. For a platform designed to provide quick study help to students, it is organized very badly and makes the process too time-consuming.

Basically, there are two types of help students are offered to get here: questions and assignments. You have to pay for both, though, even if you find a question you need in the archives. And even though Transtutors tries to mask itself as something else, it is actually a writing service, only one that does not have clear pricing policy and offers no guarantees on anything. Those are some of the biggest Transtutors complaints you will meet on the Internet, but this review will show you that there are way more reasons to avoid it.

What I liked:

  • the concept of questions answered by tutors;
  • various discounts which are easily obtainable;
  • the answers categorization.

What I disliked:

  • confusing navigation;
  • no pricing policy is available;
  • the complete absence of guarantees;
  • unenthusiastic customer support;
  • lots of negative feedback and scam reports;
  • no free answers or samples.

How Much Does a Paper Cost?

There are many things you can pay for on Transtutors, but it’s not clear what the prices are for most of them. So, let’s begin.

You can buy a daily pass for $9.99 or monthly plan for $19.99 to get access to 3 free questions and the solutions that have already been answered by the Transtutors experts. If you don’t, the answers will be available for sale, and the price will be different in every case.

Finally, you can order an answer to your question or a paper to be written. Once again, no prices table, no suggestions, nothing. So, I had to contact customer support, and the agent confirmed there is no pricing table. The cost is calculated for each order individually.

Transtutors Discounts

If you linger on the page with a monthly subscription order, a pop-up with a Transtutors coupon code appears, offering a discount of 30% (at least in my case).

When I created an order to get a paper, the manager offered me a Transtutors promo code for up to 35% (20% in my case). The chat also contained three lottery tickets, and when I flipped them, I got several offers I could choose from ($10, 8% or 20% off). Cool, but why not get rid of all that and make a clear pricing policy with affordable prices in the first place?

Is Transtutors Safe?

The fact that I don’t know how the service’s prices are formed made me want to check how they regulate other things. Is Transtutors legit? The terms and conditions could help me to understand that, but they were nowhere to be seen. I had to ask a customer support agent for it, and he sent me a link. Later, I noticed that the link is present on the form for suggesting the price order.

Now, what I found there was a big NO to the question “Is Transtutors safe?” For example, they let you know that “experts” are only called so with no proof of being such. These are just people who chose to register as tutors so that they could answer questions for money. Transtutors takes no responsibility for any answers they provide.

The whole document is like that, but the only other thing I would like to highlight is the refund policy. Once again, it pretty much states that there are no refunds. And if you want to get one because you received wrong answers, you need to provide correct ones as proof. Uhm…

What Customers Say About This Writing Service

I hope that people don’t make a decision to trust this service based on the “Transtutors reviews” search results on Google. It looks like the site has a lot of positive reviews and a high rating.

Meanwhile, if you proceed to SiteJabber, it will welcome you with a notification that Transtutors has been promising people discounts and free stuff for positive reviews.

Even such a dirty trick didn’t save them from having an overwhelming amount of negative reviews from outraged customers, calling Transtutors scam, and rightfully so. Students complain about incorrect answers, badly written papers, or of never getting them and not being able to get a refund.

How It Works

There is no proper order form, everything is done using a question submission window. First, you select the topic from the list of the ones available. Then you write your question or describe the paper you need in the next field. The last step here is to indicate the deadline. After that you will be asked the price you are offering and redirected to a chat with a manager, who will suggest a writer and a price for your order. I don’t know why they even ask you for a price since it apparently doesn’t matter.

How to Get In Touch with Customer Support 

Transtutors does not have the fastest-replying customer support, and the agent seemed reluctant to answer my questions. I had to ask additional questions to get the answers out of him when I realized that short answers were all he was going to provide me with as if I was supposed to know the rest.

Is Transtutors Worth Trying?

There’s nothing that would change my verdict for this Transtutors review at this point. Especially not the lousy answer to the question I posted which was obviously copied from somewhere else and didn’t properly address the question. I failed to get a revision because the expert started ignoring me, and customer support demanded written proof from my professor in order to get a refund. I guess it’s clear why I decided not to waste more money on checking their writing service as the site has failed multiple times to prove it’s not a scam. It is.


Is transtutors legit?

It is very difficult to find their terms and conditions. Would a legit company hide them from its clients?

Is transtutors scam?

Their tutors take no responsibility for the answers they provide and you can do nothing with that. The company won't return you money for the wrong answers you got from tutors.

Is transtutors relaible?

No, there are too many unsatisfied clients who warn others not to use this service.

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