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What Is WiseEssays?

For the lack of reliable wiseessays.com reviews, I figured my investigation of this writing service would be of use. Is this white-green-orange website what it says it is? Which is the best writing service with top professional writers who can produce any paper from high-school to PhD… You know the drill.

The short answer is no. However, you can still decide for yourself after reading this Wise Essays review and understanding what makes me skeptical and disapproving of this service. After all, there are reviewers who recommend this company. Maybe they were simply lucky, maybe they have different criteria, or else.

What I liked:

  • prompt answers from customer support;
  • pleasant design;
  • various discount offers.

What I disliked:

  • awful website functionality;
  • different sections contradict each other;
  • no proof of writers’ qualification;
  • no adequate prices table;
  • poorly-written paper.

How Much Does a Paper Cost?

Pricing at WiseEssays is very confusing. There is something that resembles a table, where regular prices for written assignments start at $14.95 (discount price is $12.71). It’s not clear what academic level and the deadline this price represents, though. Besides, it would really make more sense to make a dropdown menu uniting all the papers with the same price instead of having a long list.

The bottom line is this page was useless. I decided to check the price calculator on the main page instead. It showed that a high-school essay due in 15 days normally costs $9.11, but it’s $7.74 with a discount. Alright, that’s a good price, yet I’d prefer a normal price table like the one even the worst writing websites have.

WiseEssays Discounts

Is WiseEssays legit? Does it have any special offers? Oh, there’s no end to the discounts WiseEssays will offer you. Paradoxically, that’s not good news. First of all, those discounts vary between 10%, 13%, and 15%.

When I opened the site, I got three discount offers. And at first, I liked the one with a dragon egg. By accepting that offer you get to play a mini-game and feed the little dragon in order to receive a 15% WiseEssays discount code. Sure, not everyone will have time for it, and there’s a 13% promo code for those have no time to waste on silly games. But with the game, it felt like you had to earn that price reduction.

The problem is the game is pretty dull. It won’t end until you score enough points to fill the bar. And even after you do “win” this promo code, that freaking dragon and a large banner keep appearing on EVERY page!

Is WiseEssays Safe?

The first thing I didn’t like was that there are too many separate policies and even terms and conditions for extra features! Why not list them on the general page? So, it’s easy to miss some details trying to read everything.

Customers have the right to receive a WiseEssays refund or a revision, however, you have to apply for it within three days after completion. Then the company has 14 days to revise it, and when it’s done, you have three days once again to voice any remaining complaints. The given periods seem a bit unfair to me.

I was also confused by several mentions that the company retains all the copyrights and prohibits you to claim authorship for your paper.

At the same time, there is a promise on the main page that the paper will be completely yours.

When I addressed this to customer support, I was reassured that the paper will not be published anywhere and I can freely submit it as my own.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time I find conflicting information on this website and that just doesn’t help to create a good impression.

What Customers Say About This Writing Service

Naturally, I wouldn’t trust WiseEssays reviews that are published on the site. Especially when I see identical comments left by different users.

So, as usual, I checked other platforms, and there was no mention of WiseEssays on SiteJabber. TrustPilot, though, has one review that rated the service 3/5.

I also discovered a WiseEssays Reddit thread, but there was only one relevant comment and it just suggested a different writing service instead without giving any details.

How It Works

Awful, that’s how. When you open the order form, it always shows the price for a college level while there is no option of changing it on that page. WTF?! I later discovered that it can be done from your cabinet. Once again, a very convoluted process that prevents you from creating an order quickly.

There’s a whole list of additional features you have to scroll too in a very inconvenient manner. At this point, I’m no longer surprised by something being implemented so badly on this site.

How to Get In Touch with Customer Support 

Compared to everything else, I could say that I enjoyed WiseEssays customer support to a certain extent. I used a live chat and was contacted in less than a minute, and the agent was friendly and answering my questions promptly. I didn’t like the answers, but that’s a different matter. For example, she failed to convince me why I should believe their writers are who they say they are.

Is WiseEssays scam? I see no other explanation why they would keep their writers hidden. Oh, and their customer support as well, since, of course, that turned out to be an actress Silvia Bottini on Emily’s avatar.

Is WiseEssays Worth Trying?

Just like I expected, my paper was no lesser mess than the website itself. It was difficult to read, there was no connection between paragraphs, and the sources were made up. WiseEssays guarantees no grades, but this paper was a guarantee of a bad one. The fact that I got a discount for it was of little consolation. Unlike some other writing services that also trick their customers into ordering badly written papers, WiseEssays is also extremely painful to use while placing an order.


What is WiseEssays rating?

The average WiseEssays rating is about 3 out 5 stars across different review platforms.

Can I get WiseEssays coupon codes?

WiseEssays do have a lot of coupon codes which are available upon the request.

What are WiseEssays.com discounts?

The discounts vary and much depend on your communication skills. Ask customer support for a bigger discount if the one you found on the site is not good enough for you.

Is WiseEssays.com safe?

The terms of use are very complicated. There are a lot of things you need to take into account before ordering on this site.

Is WiseEssays legit?

Yes, the site is legit. But first read all their policies and guarantees in order to avoid money loss.

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