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What Is Writingbros?

Hey guys! Writingbros review is on air. Well, what is Writingbros? It is a website where students of colleges, universities, etc. can look for some essay samples or even try hiring a writer so that they write a paper for them. I have checked how it works and am going to tell you about it in detail in this writingbros review. When I surfed the site and tried the service this company offers, I was ready for the situation when there’s something good and something bad in the service, but I was really surprised. Let’s see what I liked and disliked at first glance.

What I liked:

  • Light colors of the website
  • The name of the website

What I disliked:

  • The overall design of the site because it looks like a design sample that still should be worked on. You will ask why design is even an issue. I will explain. When I see a sample design, I realize that the company didn’t put effort in its main business card - a website. And if the company doesn’t put effort, it may be a scam. And I figured out this issue. Keep reading, I’ll tell you about it below. 
  • Too many categories of sample essays - I just got lost.
  • Lots of customers reviews of writers, and I can’t see a single one of them. Okay, I write any number too. Where are proofs?
  • Only 1000+ topics of samples. If you’re a student, you know it’s too little.

How Much Does a Paper Cost at Writingbros?

While doing my Writingbros review, I found out that the cheapest one page paper here will cost you $14. See for yourself on the screenshot below. By the way, I also marked how bad their design is. Can you see that the headline of the block about What is Writingbros is not centered? This proves me right when talking about a possible Writingbros scam issue. 

Is Writingbros Safe?

When you’re reading Writing Bros reviews, you for sure want to know: is Writingbros.com safe? First and foremost, I can’t get how many writers they have. Seems they don’t know as well. Just take a look at these two screenshots. This makes me think they’re not very fair.

As you remember, they state that 1 page paper’s cost starts from $14. And you may think, okay, that’s not that bad. But when I wanted to order the simplest 1 page essay, the price for it was $32. And that was the only writer that bidded on my order. So, I had no choice and ordered it. And I must admit it isn’t worth that money. Grammar mistakes, plagiarism, and awful service are what I got for $32. And alas I haven’t even found any Writingbros discount code. 

What Do Customers Say About Writingbros?

Later on, I finally found where I can see Writing Bros reviews left by customers. Guess where? Yep, I found them on their site on writers’ profiles. But let’s be fair, it’s not enough. It’s their site and they can type there whatever they want including fake reviews. To understand is Writingbros.com legit, I decided to search for at least some Writingbrows.com Reddit reviews. And here is what I found:

How Does Writingbros Work?

Writingbros works like most writing services. You place an order completing the form in three or more steps, they ask your email (which wastes your time), and then you see how many writers bidded on your order and what amount of money they require. As my experience shows there aren’t many writers that bid on your order. And be ready that you won’t be happy to see the real price. 

How to Get In Touch with Customer Support? 

You can get in touch with the customer support of the company via a live chat on the website. Actually, the bot starts a conversation with you, and if you reply, a human goes further. But I was waiting for about 10 minutes or something for a reply. And everything I got after that were some strange replies that didn;t answer my questions in fact.

Is Writingbros Worth Trying?

As for me, Writingbros scam activity is obvious. They lie when they state something on their site, their support team can't answer questions, and their REAL prices differ a lot from the ones they claim. Moreover, I haven’t found a single positive review. I found just one negative review and nothing more. Finally, taking into consideration the quality of the paper their writer provided me with, I would never recommend Writingbros. 

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